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Our Mission at FBCGC is that our church family “know the story to tell the story.” 

History is really HIS-STORY.  From the beginning to the end of God’s Word we see man, made in the image of God, created to live in God’s presence.  To know God as the One Who brings ultimate fulfillment and identity.  This relationship having been fractured by the deception of the enemy of God, Satan, is restored through the sacrifice of God’s Son–Jesus Christ.  Through faith and trust in Christ as Savior (from ourselves, sin, and death), we are reconciled to God.  All of this is for our good, but God’s glory.  Do you know the story?  Are you telling others the story?  It IS “the greatest story ever told.”


We aim “to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength”–And to “love our neighbor as ourself.”  Often church families compromise their influence in the community because they don’t love each other fully.  We need to be aware that our testimony is hindered greatly when we don’t walk in love for one another.  So we purpose to grow in our love for God and for each other.  After all, we are God’s gift to one another.

 We also aim to grow in the knowledge of God through the help of the Holy Spirit, as we become more and more drawn to His Word.  The world doesn’t need another “opinion,” rather the world needs to know the truth.  We believe that God’s Word is given to us that the Triune God be revealed, and that His children learn His ways, and walk in truth.  After all, it is “the truth that sets us free.”  We will consistently evaluate everything we do as to whether or not it is instrumental in reaching the lost, or equipping the saved.

 We also aim to “reach out.”  Like the first century apostles, arrested for sharing Jesus, we desire to become so captivated by the Son of God that “we can’t help but share what we have seen and heard.”  Our church will always seek to find ways to “be the church” in the community and beyond. We will do this corporately through avenues such as Upward, Night to Shine, and ongoing benevolent ministry through our Crossroads Community Center.  We will also, as disciples of Christ, pray for and embrace opportunities to individually share Jesus in the workplace, the marketplace, and wherever our day to day lives take us.



Andy Barnes - Lead Pastor

As the primary teaching pastor, Andy has a passion for sharing the truth of God’s Word.  He sees the church relationally and majors not on going to church but on “being the church.”  Both Andy and his wife Marsha have athletic backgrounds, and each has served with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  In addition to a passion for equipping the saints, Andy is involved in sharing Truth in secular environments.  Whether teaching classes in various school systems or pursuing leadership development opportunities, he strives to be faithful to bring hope to all who will hear.  He and Marsha have 4 children.

Andy’s Website



Jeff DeBoard - Associate Pastor

Pastor Jeff is currently pastoring at Daniel Boone Baptist Church.  He is serving as their interim pastor and is seeing God move in the Daniel Boone community.

Jeff teaches a bible study class on Sunday Mornings at FBC Gate City and serves in our community by visiting local schools each day for prayer with teachers and students.

Jeff and his wife, Anita, reside in Gate City.



Ashley Jenkins Sandhu -Children’s Ministry Director

Ashley has been on staff since 2014 but has been a part of this church family her entire life. As Children’s Ministry Director, she ministers to children in nursery-6th grade through weekly activities.

Ashley is also the director of our Upward Basketball and Cheerleading League. Ashley and her husband, Navneet have two daughters, Camilla and Samara, and they reside in Gate City.



Holly McConnell - Youth Director/Women’s Ministry

Holly has been a part of the family of First Baptist since she was 13. She served as an intern during college and has been on staff since 2015. She works with the youth on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings during bible study. She also leads women’s bible studies during the year and is the leader of the Widow’s Ministry.

Holly is married to Vaughn McConnell and they have two children, Wade and MJ. They reside in Mount Carmel.  



Susie McMurray- Secretary


Susie has been part of the church family since 1991 and has served as the church secretary since 1996. She is married to Daniel McMurray and they live in Weber City. They have two children, Sara and Lee. Sara and her husband, Josh, have a daughter, Kalina.


Pete Barbour - Custodian



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